Webservice enhancements

The webservice enhancement alone is already an incredibly useful extension to install, even if you aren't going to use the coreBOSMail application to manage your emails and synchronize them with your CRM.
This extension enhances vtiger CRM webservice interface with support for:

  • getReferenceValue: given a webservice identifier returns the reference name
  • getUItype: given a module name, returns the list of uitypes of all it's fields
  • getPicklistValues: given a module name, returns the values of it's picklists
  • gettranslation: translated given strings using vtiger CRM translation infrastructure
  • retrievedocattachment: given the webservice identifier of a document, returns it's attachment
  • Document and Email upload enhancements.

Installing this extension is very easy. Once you have registered for an administration user in the coreBOSMail back end, create your account. On the document related list of the account you will find the extension package. Download it and install it using the CRM's module manager. That should be all you need to get this basic functionality in place.

vtigerCRM Advanced Email Enhancements

Note that this patch is for vtiger CRM 5.4.

This patch is a set of email enhancements to the vtigerCRM application. Mostly they are a very logical set of enhancements that have been asked for many times on the forum. Our coreBOS system has them directly supported, so if you use our application you do not need to do anything that is described on this page.

  • Add support for selecting entities in the email composer.
  • Add support for emails to the Potentials, HelpDesk, Project and ProjectTask modules.
  • Some additional webservice enhancements: more information on the fields and speed optimizations

To install the patch you must access the coreBOSMail back end and purchase the patch. Once you have paid you will find the patch attached to the document related list of your account.
Copy the file to the root of your CRM and execute the patch command:

patch -p 0 < evvtrcAdvancedFeatures.diff

this will add all the necessary code changes and also add a new file to the root of your install that needs to be executed, only once and after installing the webservice enhancements extension.


It is recommendable to eliminate this file once it has been executed, not only to avoid you from repeating the execution unintentionally but also a security measure.