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Getting Started

Step by Step

Ordered list of actions to start with.


Learn what you need to install coreBOSMail

coreBOSMail is SAAS

No extra software, just use and enjoy!

coreBOSMail usage

Login into coreBOSMail

See how to access the application

Configuring access to the CRM

See how to connect with your CRM

Write an email

Send emails to your CRM Accounts and Contacts.

Attach emails to your CRM

See how to record your emails in the CRM

How to tag or label emails

Visually mark your emails!

Creating new records in the CRM

See how to create records from your emails.

Administration Back End

Register for administration access

Getting into the administration application.

Add users with access to coreBOSMail

How to create users with access to the coreBOSMail reader

How to buy credits. Invoices.

Get credits and manage your invoices.

Assign credits to the users

How to assign credits to contacts.

Configure coreBOSMail options

Control your user's options!


Support tickets

How to open a support ticket if you have a problem.

Buying credits directly

What to do if you buy credits directly.

How to Start: step by step

  • Create an invoicing account. Once inside the administration backend, go to the account module and create an account, remember to fill in all the information correctly, so you will get informed and be able to buy credits correctly.
  • Create a contact/email record for each user you want to have access to coreBOSMail application. Be careful configuring the options you want the users to have.
  • If you have configured the CRM access for your users they are done, they can start using the application, if you haven't configured the access the first thing they will have to do is configure the access to the CRM.
  • Enjoy! :-)



Really simple:

  • A browser
  • A correctly installed vtigerCRM/coreBOS
  • admin access to vtiger CRM/coreBOS to install the webservice extension
  • Your email's user, password and server

Supported versions of vtiger CRM

Currently only 5.4. It would be fairly easy to get it working on 5.3 and 5.2 but I wouldn't recommend that, I think it is preferable to upgrade your vtigerCRM to 5.4. We can help in either case so contact us if you want that done.
We are currently working on supporting the new vtiger CRM 6.x version.

Installation instructions for webservice and vtigerCRM Advanced Email Enhancements

We have a dedicated page for this.

coreBOSMail is SAAS

Yes. That way you don't have to install another application nor maintain it. Since it really is only a pass way for your information there is no need for you to bother with the details, just connect it to your email sever and vtiger CRM/coreBOS and watch the information flow from one to the other.

coreBOSMail usage

Login into coreBOSMail email reader

Accessing your email in Roundcube couldn't be easier, simply put your user, password and server and your done. No information is saved, so security risks are minimum. You can connect to any email account with IMAP support, but, to use our service you first have to register the email in the back end and assign credits to it.
One credit permits you to use an email account during one month, it can be connected to a vtiger CRM/coreBOS or not
Credits can be bought in the back end so to start you will first have to sign up for administration access.
You can find an explanation on how to register your email for use by clicking here.

Configuring access to the CRM from coreBOSMail

To connect your email account to the crm you have to go to the configuration section of Roundcube, once there, click on the coreBOS-Roundcube menu and fill in your CRM access options.
You will need your CRM user name and access key. If your CRM is protected by an .htaccess Apache Authentication (which is recommendable) you can fill in the authentication user and password.
This information is saved encrypted but you should follow password best practice recommendations.
That is the minimum configuration needed, the other options are about functionality and are explained below.

How to write an email to an Account, Contact or Lead in my CRM

Once you have your CRM and coreBOS connected, all you have to do is compose a new email and start writing the name of your account or contact in the address box. Emails are searched automatically in Accounts, Contacts and Leads by name and both emails.
The email sent can be automatically attached to the entity in the CRM if you have this option activated.
See the video in the next section.

How to attach an email from the inbox to an entity in the CRM

There are two ways to accomplish this, the first is automatic attachment. With this feature the code searches in the CRM all the places it can attach the email and does it for you. It searches in Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Projects, Trouble Tickets and Potentials. It looks for the reference field of these modules in the subject and body of the email.
If the automatic process cannot find any relation a selection popup screen will appear so you can manually select with which record you want to associated the email.
The second option is to directly launch the manual association avoiding the search.

How to AUTOMATICALLY attach emails in the CRM

How can I AUTOMATICALLY attach emails in my CRM
See the video in the previous section.

How to tag or label emails

This is Roundcube plugins functionality that we have added to the service.
There are two ways of tagging an email, the first uses Thunderbird approach permitting you to select any email and then mark it with different categories that will give it different colors. There is also a special category/color for those emails sent to the CRM.
The second is a more advanced system more in the line of Google Mail, whereas you define different rules that your emails must fulfill to get the selected color.

How to create records in the CRM from an email

Select an email, either click on the toolbar menu or right click on the email, in the menu you will be able to select the entity to create.
The available entities can be configured in the settings section of Roundcube and also in the administration back end.
The information passed into the new record will depend on the entity selected and the information we can get out of the email as can be seen in the next table.

  • Contacts
    • First name, Last name
    • Email
  • Accounts
    • Domain > Account name
    • Email
    • First name, Last name > Description
  • Lead
    • Domain > Company
    • Email
    • First name, Last name
  • Potential
    • Subject > Name
    • Related To
    • Body > Description
  • Todo
    • Subject
    • Related To
    • Body > Description
  • HelpDesk
    • Subject > Title
    • Related To
    • Body > Description
  • Project
    • Subject > Name
    • Related To
    • Body > Description
  • Project Task
    • Subject > Name
    • Body > Description

Administration Back End

How to register for administration access

That's easy, go to this page and select your user name and password. The next video shows you how.

How to create users with access to the coreBOSMail reader

Since we use vtiger crm to solve business problems we thought that using it to manage the administration back end for this integration was just the most logical approach, after all you already have a vtiger crm in your business, you should know how to use one to manage email accounts :-)
Exactly what you have to do is create a contact. Each contact you create will have access in coreBOSMail as long as it has credits. It is imperative that the email be correct, that is what is used to connect both applications and to grant access in coreBOSMail

How to buy credits. Invoices.

Once you are inside the administration back end you will find Buy Credits buttons and action links in various parts of the application, they all take you to a special invoicing page where you simply have to select how many credits you want to purchase. You will be redirected to PayPal where you can make the payment and return to the back end to start assigning the new credits.
Once the payment has been processed and the credits assigned to your account, an invoice is created inside coreBOS, associated to your billing account record. You can download the PDF as you normally do inside vtiger crm.
The video in the next section on assigning credits speaks briefly about buying credits and the invoice.

How to assign credits to contacts

You have two ways to assign credits, one directly on the contact/email you want to assign the credits to, and the other in a special global assignment screen where you can easily distribute the credits among your contacts.
The next video shows both options in action.

How to configure coreBOSMail options from the administration back end

You can configure coreBOSMail options by editing the corresponding fields on the associated contact, there is a direct correspondence between the configuration options in Roundcube and fields in the back end contact. Editing the fields on the contact will directly change them in Roundcube. Combining the field edition with mass edit feature in vtigerCRM, an administrator could easily set default values for all his users.
But there is more, to give the administrator full control of how the users work in coreBOSMail , we have implemented configuration blocking options. These will permit the administrator to block the options available in the coreBOSMail, making support requests more controlled and permitting a more consistent presentation .


How to open a support ticket if you have a problem

Log in to the administrator's back end and go to the trouble ticket module. Create a ticket as you normally would do in vtigerCRM and we will attend accordingly.

I bought credits but they weren't assigned to my account

Open a trouble ticket, please upload the proof of purchase and any additional information you think could help us fix the issue as soon as possible, we usually attend this in under 24 working hours.

I bought credits by paying directly on your PayPal account. What do I do now?

Basically, wait. We have to check the payment and manually assign the credits to your account. At most it will be helpful if you could send us the proof of purchase and all the company details so we can easily find which account it is. The best way to do this is by opening a ticket in the administration back end. very similar to the previous section.